An Extract from Mr Delves' letter.

               . . .The Green Book came to Uncle John DELVES from his grandmother on his fathers’ side Mary Ann DELVES nee ARMISTEAD born 3rd Mar 1859, in Rathmell. She lived most of her early life in Long Preston. Which is where, I believe, most of these photo’s are from.

The Green Book has at sometime in the distant past been compiled from a previous Original Album. Many of the photo’s in the Green Book had photo’s on the back of them, these have until recently been hidden, stuck to the page. I have unstuck and copied them also. I have marked these in the index.

A point of interest is that the two DELVES brothers Thomas Hirst & Edward married Annie WRATHALL and Mary Ann ARMISTEAD – who were cousins.

Edward DELVES, who was married to Mary Ann, unfortunately left the village to live in Lancashire, went mad and killed himself. I am left wondering if some of the hidden photo’s reflect the divide that happened in the family as a result of this. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, I don’t believe there is anyone alive who is bothered by these events now, so I don’t see any problem with an ‘open inquiry’.

I am particularly interested in the 006, 031 & 032, as these pictures were hidden, stuck to the page and I have no idea where the church is, or who the preacher is.

I would dearly love to know if anyone else has similar photo’s in and around Long Preston between the years 1860 - 1900, or information. As you can see from the index I can only put a few names to faces. . . . . . . . . . .




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