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Keighley Home Guard


Some men served much nearer home.

The deteriorating war situation and threat of invasion led, by May of 1940, to the formation of Local Defence Volunteers.

These were primarily intended to combat what at the time was called ‘the Nazi parachute menace’, and were re-named the Home Guard that July.

Here, in the spirit of the period, are staff of the Keighley-West Yorkshire Bus Services undergoing arms drill outside their garage at Anvil Street. Not quite all of them seem to be taking the exercise too seriously.

The ‘esprit de corps’ of Keighley bus depot employees had been exemplified in 1938 by their formation of a band to play at dances.

This was jokingly known as the band with seven conductors, although its actual conductor was a driver, Harry Wilkinson, who was also a violinist.


Source: Keighley News 'Memory Lane'

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