North St


Possibly one of the oldest surviving photographs of Keighley, this view along North Street predates the later Victorian widening of the thouroughfare and rebuilding of both sides on a grander scale.

Still identifiable are the Lord Rodney Inn and the then comparatively new Parish Church tower.

The premises at the top of Low Street bear the name Iveson.  This was a linen and woollen draper Aaron Iveson.

After his death his house up Highfield Lane would in 1876 become Keighley's first cottage hospital.  This had eight beds, was staffed by a matron and a girl help, and run by a mamagement committee of three ladies.  Local doctors attended free of charge.

The kitchen table was used for operations, and patients could be expelled for "using profane or obscene language" or "spirituous liquors".  From such modest beginnings grew the Keighley and District Victoria Hospital.


Source: Keighley News 'Memory Lane' 29th November 2013.

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