KlyWarHospitalDr William Scatterty – Keighley’s medical officer of health from 1892 to 1928 and founder of the Keighley St John Ambulance Brigade – served as administrator of the Keighley War Hospital during the First World War.

Centred on the Keighley and Bingley Fever Hospital at Morton Banks, and with auxiliaries at Victoria Hospital, the Fell Lane Infirmary, Spencer Street and Skipton, the Keighley War Hospital dealt with a total of 13,214 military cases. Morton Banks itself had 746 beds, with as many as 158 to a single ward.

The whole community became involved in many ways, raising funds, meeting hospital trains, providing comforts and entertaining convalescents.

Many of those who died – 114 in all – were buried in Morton Cemetery. They had come from as far away as Canada and the Fiji Islands. One wreath from the Keighley Mayor and Aldermen was movingly inscribed: “In token of their gratitude to their kinsman from a far country who has given his life for them and theirs.”


Source: Keighley News 'Memory Lane' 1st November 2013


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