OakworthSchool46-47Mary Emmott, of Mannville Grove in Keighley, who appears as a young Mary Nuttall on the far left of the middle row, has supplied this photograph of her class at Oakworth School in 1946 or 1947.

She and a friend have recalled all the names.

On the front row (from left) are Hilary Pickles, Marjorie Bean, Irene Wilkinson, Kitty Mayo, Nora Bowers, headmaster Mr Field, Miss Hartley, Rita Blount, Doris Chataus, Kathleen Chapman and Joan Blackburn.

Middle row (from left) Mary Nuttall, Brian Roff, Keith Wildman, Peter Spence, Brian Stobbs, Enid Smith, Ena Hardman, Joan Kyle, Dorothy Sanderson, Terry Holland, Brian Lister, Ronald Mace, Michael Hardcastle and Doris Feather.

Back row (from left) Trevor Basset, Colin Field, Raymond Cockshott, Tony Foster, Norman Harker, John Berry, Graham Binns, Bernard Stead, Brian Heaton, Stephen Knox and Brian Welham.


Source: Keighley News 'Memory Lane' 25th October 2013.


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